Are you looking for a city by the beach with great growth and economic spill to make your next investment? Playa del Carmen is the right city. You will know it for being one of the most important tourist destinations, not only in Mexico, but in the world, but what makes it so attractive for investors?

We know that there are so many options in the market that selecting the best place and type of property can be a challenge, so we share with you the five reasons why Playa del Carmen is the favorite choice of many investors who are looking for maximum return on investment.  

  1. Privileged Location.

Playa del Carmen is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, in the municipality of Solidaridad, Quintana Roo. With its more than 120 km of extension and a geographic location that offers white sand beaches, cenotes, natural parks, lagoons and, of course, the Caribbean Sea. The Riviera Maya has become a tourist center that attracts the largest amount of national and international tourism in the country.

 The coastal city has communication routes that connect it with the rest of the state, these are fast and accessible, allowing the constant flow of public and private vehicles. In addition, Playa del Carmen is only an hour away from Cancun International Airport and a few minutes by ferry from Cozumel Island, another tourist site that must be visited.

  1. Infrastructure.

In addition to the roads necessary to make Playa del Carmen a city of easy access and transit, the city has a first class urban infrastructure. The commercial, health, security and leisure services available in the Riviera Maya and its surroundings are of the highest quality.

Although it has a good road system, Playa del Carmen’s growth has forced the government to constantly seek to improve transportation and mobility routes. The goal? To make the city a space for its inhabitants to have the necessary tools for a better development and quality of life.  

In terms of spaces for the enjoyment of the local population and grand tourism, Playa del Carmen offers its inhabitants and visitors the best amenities: gourmet restaurants, golf courses, eco-parks, premium supermarkets and multiple entertainment options.

  1. Tourism.

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Tourism is the engine of Playa del Carmen’s economic growth, as more than 16 million tourists, on average, come to the city. This basically means that it maintains a permanent state of high season, with an occupation of over 80%, according to the Riviera Maya Hotel Association (AHRM) in 2019.

Being located in the Riviera Maya, an area known for its exquisite beaches and unique biodiversity, Playa del Carmen has become the perfect place for a vacation. It is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world, ranking in the top 25 of the Travellers Choice Awards (2019), next to cities like London, Paris, Rome, Bali and Crete.

As we mentioned in the previous section, one of the qualities of Playa del Carmen is the range of opportunities in the area of entertainment. Playa del Carmen has shops, restaurants and bars of international stature, and its 5th Avenue is considered the point where all these experiences can be found within its more than 3 kilometers of the beach.

For all its beneficial characteristics to tourism, Playa del Carmen has become one of the cities with the greatest attraction of young adults, who go to have fun, relax or even celebrate weddings. However, its variety of relaxation options, the tranquility of the city and the opportunity to enjoy the bohemian life of the Caribbean has also made Playa del Carmen a retirement destination for people from other countries.

  1. Quality of life.

Playa del Carmen has become an opportunity for people to improve their quality of life, since most salaries are handled in dollars. With the growth of the city as a result of tourism, job opportunities have also been increasing, and with that, salaries. Overall, it helps to strengthen the purchasing power of the people living in Playa del Carmen.

On the other hand, the city merges the tranquility and the already mentioned bohemian life that only the Mexican Caribbean can deliver. The best? When you move or vacation in Playa del Carmen you don’t miss the urbanization because of the proximity of the sea, on the contrary: you can get the best of the city and the life on the beach.

  1. Added value.

Now, perhaps the most important thing: capital gain. This is the most important thing you should consider before making any real estate investment. Capital gain, which means that the future value of the property, is defined by the location and to obtain a “high capital gain” you must have a good location.

Being considered one of the most important tourist cities in the world, Playa del Carmen has a guaranteed capital gain that responds to the growth possibilities of the city itself and its tourist appeal. The last element entails the need to find accommodation for national and international tourists.

Nowadays, and with the entry of online apartment rental services, people have found an alternative to the hotel: accommodation in a private property. This is where the return on investment comes in, which, together with what is reflected in the capital gain, can generate extras of 6 and 12% of the initial investment.

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      Factors that impact on capital gain in the Riviera Maya:

  1. Geographic virtues of the real estate space, benefits the proximity to 5th Avenue.
  2. Infrastructure and services of the region.
  3. Quality and design of the real estate space.
  4. Tourism growth.
  5. Security.

Are you considering investing in Playa del Carmen? As you may be realizing, a high quality property in a city as well positioned as Playa del Carmen may represent the most viable option to obtain a favorable return on investment, thus, your property remains safe and acts as an asset in your favor.