The advance of technology and the transformation of consumers’ buying habits ensured only one thing: the era of virtual real estate buying would come sooner or later. Now, in the face of the limitations generated by the COVID-19 health crisis around the world, the real estate sector has seen the need to accelerate change and integrate a new way: the remote real estate investment.

For many, the question remains the same: how to invest in real estate virtually? And for others, a new one arises: how do I know that I am on the right track, a trustworthy one?

Presenting a universal process for the acquisition of real estate space would be complicated, since each developer and real estate company creates a unique process; adapted to their projects and technologies at hand. However, you can stipulate the essentials to ensure that you are in a safe buying process for your investment.

1. Visit the developer’s or real estate company’s website.

If before having a website was synonymous with professionalism, security and exist on the Internet, now it becomes essential to have a space that has information to support the company and present the properties and real estate projects that are being marketed. The website becomes a catalogue to choose properties according to location, price range and characteristics of the space.

We recommend you to make a list to organize all the options that are attractive, in addition, it is necessary that you make a deep investigation of the options and use the means that the company provides to put you in contact. It can be a contact form, a chat on the website or your own social networks. Do you want to know opinions of previous customers or people who have been in contact? Social networks are the ideal place to get answers.

remote real estate investment

In Grupo DESUR we value the importance of providing all relevant information to our clients, that is why in our virtual platforms you will be able to find the most relevant information about us as a company and the real estate projects we are currently marketing, having these their own sections in our website. 

2. Meet your agent or advisor.

Whether you are looking for a property space with a good real estate agent or you approach directly with a developer’s own advisor, it is important that you establish remote contact with him. Establish the channels through which communication will take place and work schedules, so you can choose the time that best suits you to make a virtual consultation where you answer all your questions and make sure you’re dealing with a well trained advisor.

Our advisors have great experience to guide you throughout your purchase process, in addition to standing out for a close and personalized accompaniment. They will be able to solve your doubts about our properties for sale, about your financing options and much more. 

3. Get to know the property remotely.

Scheduling a visit is one of the most important steps in any real estate investment, so you can make a recognition of the place, observe sizes, finishes and details. But… how do you know the property you are considering investing in if you cannot make a visit on site?

This is when technology, once again, becomes your ally. At this stage you will be able to see videos, photographs and virtual tours in different formats, such as 3D and 360° experiences. Together, they will allow you to appreciate the characteristics of the property and form a very vivid idea of what you are buying.

remote real estate investment

And remember, there may always be doubts that the real estate advisor will be able to answer, such as the dimensions of the construction, how the surroundings look like and the possibilities of expansion or structural changes to the property. With us you will find the maximum answer to your questions, besides visiting digitally the property of your interest through our virtual tours in 3D format.

4. Documentation in order.

Is it private property? Does it belong to the person or company selling the property? Is it free of encumbrances? You can consult all this with the advisor or in the virtual portals of the Public Registry of Property, so you can check that there are no legal conflicts or outstanding debts. However, with Grupo DESUR you will find the answers to legal issues, since all our real estate projects are private property. 

5. Distance payment methods.

In terms of digitalization and security, banks are the industry with the greatest lead. Each bank has its own conditions for the deposit of different amounts of money. For this reason, it is possible that the amount to be paid requires you to go to a branch -the city you are in is indistinct- or you have to follow a process to enter passwords that will allow you to make the deposit of your section, down payment or the total value of the property.

As you will realise, the virtual processes for the acquisition of a property make use, for the most part, of the most efficient technologies and methods of trust that are already in use on a day-to-day basis, but applied to the purchase and sale of real estate spaces. 

In Grupo DESUR we know your worries and needs in the process for a remote real estate investment, that’s why we have a very pleasant and safe way to make your virtual purchase an experience without stress or worries.