When thinking about how to invest your money, it is important to be sure that you are choosing the best option, having the conviction that you are going to get not only the return of your investment, but also a solid capital growth.

There are multiple options you can choose to make your economy grow. The mexican real estate market offers unique advantages for investors who know how to dive into opportunities. In fact, the Mexican Caribbean is experiencing a strong real estate reactivation on recent years, thanks to its touristic leadership and economic diversification in primary and secondary activities, particularly  in areas such as Playa del Carmen. Keep reading and discover why you will begin to see in this location more than just sun, beach and sand.

Why choose a real estate investment?

Before we bring Playa del Carmen to the table, let’s talk about why real estate is one of the safest options to put your money to work. A real estate investment is a low risk instrument; it enables you to earn interest on your money while maintaining stability without major financial disturbances. They are, in fact, ideal for first investors. 

Other instruments such as the stock market, share acquisitions or savings in multiple currencies represent high risk investments, since they are vulnerable to unforeseen and uncontrollable financial changes. In other words, your savings can vanish in the blink of an eye.

Another advantage of choosing a real estate investment over other instruments, is that they do not lose value over time, unlike other assets such as cars, technology or software development, whose lifetime performance is really short. choosing a city in expansion, just before it becomes a great metropoly, ensures you a high value addition in a relatively short time. Precisely, this is what puts Playa del Carmen in the eye of international investors, who catalogue it as the ideal place to bet their money in the coming years.

Investment options to choose from 

According to the Financial Times, the real estate market in Mexico is among the 10 fastest growing markets in the world. Playa del Carmen has the highest growth of inhabitants in the Mexican southeast area, with an increase of 22.29% in 5 years. It is estimated that in 2023 there will be about 308 thousand 287 inhabitants, which represents 56 thousand 200 more than those calculated in 2018. That’s a perfect timing to invest in this growth zone.

Some of the real estate offers you will find in this vibrant city are:

Vacation Homes: They are the most solicited type of real estate offer in this area, as it allows you to enjoy during the holidays a home in front of the sea, and rent it for the rest of the year. Many people choose this option to enjoy all the benefits of this Caribbean paradise and get a high profit the rest of the year.

Residences: Due to the accessibility in prices for the international market, luxury residences, mainly on private beaches away from the downtown area, are a highly attractive option for investors seeking exclusivity.

Departments, lofts and studios: Usually this type of property is located in downtown areas, just in the heart of the famous Fifth Avenue. Spaces with one or two bedrooms become profitable for young travelers or people who are passing through the city for business.

Condo-Hotels: One of the newest ways to get the most out of a real estate investment at the beach is this type of offer. You become the owner of a room, bungalow or condo, but the management and maintenance is in charge of a hotel chain or developer. It has the best of both formats: you own a property, with all the service and comfort of a hotel experience.

How to choose the most appropriate investment

If you are considering making an investment in Playa del Carmen, these questions can be useful to determine what type of property is best for you:

  • Are you thinking of buying a property to live in it?
  • If so, what type of property is best suited to your lifestyle?
  • If not, do you want to use the property in certain seasons or your goal is to make a 100% vacation rental profit?
  • Do you have the time and facilities to manage the rent, maintenance and supplies such as electricity, water and gas?
  • How long do you want to see a Return on Investment?
  • Do you plan to sell the property in the future?
  • Is this investment part of a diversification of your financial portfolio?
  • Is this an alternative to increase your family heritage?

Finally, you can always approach a real estate advisor to request more information, clarify your doubts and choose the best option to see your money grow, while enjoying a sunset at the seashore.