Mérida has become one of the best destinations to live in and more people from different backgrounds are choosing this city to spend the rest of their lives. It’s not only because of tourism, but it’s also the security it offers and the quality of life. That’s why this city offers a great investment opportunity.

Real estate here has had a surprising growth, especially in the north of the city, where we can find various residential projects that offer a great location; near services, shopping malls, restaurants, and an easy exit to the nearest beach.

Among the most innovative projects, a new housing format has made its way, the Townhouses. We will explain a little about this property model and what its advantages are.

What is a townhouse and why invest in this model?

Townhouses are a group of homes in residential areas. Normally, they are houses of two or three levels, built vertically to take advantage of the spaces, provide greater comfort and security. That is why we can find in Merida more residential townhouse projects where both families and young couples can live in. That’s why they invest in this new housing format.

Why are Townhouses your best option?

The townhouses unite the best of both worlds, the security of the apartments and the design of a house, independence and connection. To take advantage of the spaces, they are built vertically. The houses normally have an interior garden, private parking and a large number of green areas. Some townhouses may even include among their spaces a security booth, swimming pools, children zones, and party rooms. By following a condominium model, expenses and maintenance responsibilities are shared among residents.

Another reason to invest in this model is that unlike an apartment in which you only own space on the corresponding floor when you acquire a townhouse you become the owner of both the land and the construction.

These homes are made to make the most of the spaces, with modern and functional designs. The rooms are usually on the first and third floors, while on the second floor we find the shared areas such as the living room and the kitchen. Being medium-sized houses, maintenance costs become very attractive.

This model is aimed at middle sectors that are looking for a reliable investment, greater contact with their natural environment, more square meters and a better price-quality ratio. The concept of townhouses has its origin in Europe and the United States approximately one hundred years ago, being updated this century in Latin America. Its architectural design is modern and innovative.  It seeks to follow an aesthetic of light colors, sober lines, and functionality. In Mérida, we can also find, within the constructions of this type, a natural environment, a factor that characterizes these residential developments. 

Located in the north of the city and built with careful planning, the townhouses ensure that the green areas are indispensable and that the common aesthetics of the houses are maintained. The tranquility of the city can be felt here, and at the same time, the quality of life increases.

Currently, this development model is one of the friendliest with the environment due to the smaller area of ​​land. This can be seen in other cities where high temperatures are constant, even in winter. The importance of green areas makes sense, given that the vegetation keeps the temperature cool and pleasant.

In Grupo Desur we have high-value and beautifully designed townhouses. They are designed to cover all the needs of families or people seeking a return on investment and welfare. Contact us!